Letter to the Editor: There’s no dignity in abandoning family to


I would like to take issue with Nick Macey’s use of the word “dignity” in “Protect the dignity of human relationships: A final plea to oppose Amendment No. 3” (Oct. 26). Dignity is defined as “the quality or state of being worthy, honored, or esteemed.” Where is the honor and esteem in creating a family and then abandoning it for an individual’s own personal gratification?

When has it become courageous for a person to make a solemn commitment to “someone of the opposite sex,” bring children into the world and then abandon them because that individual no longer wants to constrain him or herself from acting on his or her sexual impulses?

Mr. Macey, true courage would be shown if these individuals would accept they have the desires they do, and to then accept responsibility for the family they have created and continue to restrain those desires.

It is time to consider that our actions have an effect on more than just ourselves. And when you create a family, every action you make has an effect on everyone that you brought into that family. And for little children, their parents are their whole world. When one of them decides that they care more about their own self gratification they do about their children, that child’s world is torn apart.

Chris Rasmussen

Senior, Business Management