Letter to the Editor: Rocky gets flak because he shoots his mouth off


Dave Sohm’s letter (“Anderson dances to the beat of his own drum” Jan. 26) completely misses the reason why Rocky takes so much criticism.

Although Dave Sohm believes he and Rocky may be the only thinking people in Utah, I would argue there just might be a few more out there-if you look hard enough.

Sohm implies that the rest of us simply accept the Legislature’s decisions and go about our foolish ways, incapable of thinking.

He said that Mormons deserve and should “expect” public criticism because they are “less than one percent of the world’s population.” Well then, even though there a lot of Jews in New York and homosexuals in San Francisco, I expect to hear derogatory public comments about each of those groups from the mayors of their respective towns because they are also a minority in the world.

That statement is nothing less that religious bigotry. Furthermore, Rocky doesn’t take flak because he does not agree with the state Legislature or city council on many issues, it’s because he shoots his mouth off without thinking.

He insults not only individuals, but entire counties and organizations.

You may agree with him or not, but as a public official he has the responsibility to represent and respect all of us.

Scott Mansell


Civil and Environmental Engineering