Student on the street: What would make Valentine’s Day better?

Valentine’s Day in my opinionis okay, but I don’t like thecommercial aspect. You gottabuy crap for this day. It’d benice if the girl pitched in andhelped with activities. Maybe[if it were] less fru-fru, theguys could enjoy it too. Likegetting a stake instead of aheart.Homayoun HejaziSophomore, Biology

If I had a Valentine.Courtney BluthSophomore,Elementary EducationIf it was more [like] Halloween.Get dressed up, godoor-to-door, present yourselfand instead of candy get aValentine.Sara GrandySophomore, Nursing

If everyone goes to a chocolateparty and everyone at theparty calls you beautiful, like,”Hey Beautiful, have somechocolate.”Andrea PappasSophomore, BiologyValentine’s rocks my faceoff! It’s the best first-dateopportunity because no onewants to be alone ever.Ben HoldawayJunior, Biochemistry

Having someone to share itwith.Jacob MadsenSenior, Political Science/Spanish

Maybe if I got a hot-air balloonride.Ashley SwansonSenior, Film

A free turkey or ham in theoven, already made and readyto eat whether you have companyor not.Sam WesselsFreshman, Acting

I pretty much don’t care.Couldn’t be more apathetic.It’s pretty much a commercialholiday that should be omitted.Sarah BreinholtJunior, Environmental Studies