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“Fever Pitch”20th Century FoxDirected by Peter and Bobby Farrelly

Based on Nick Hornby’s novel about sports obsession and Britain’s Premiere League soccer team Arsenal, romantic comedy “Fever Pitch” retains the theme but supplants the Arsenal with the Boston Red Sox. The Farrelly Brothers direct, and Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore star. The possibilities for failure are endless-you’d be surprised how many of them are realized.

“Millions”Fox SearchlightDirected by Danny Boyle

Danny Boyle forsakes zombies, beaches and heroin habits for Jesus and charity-more like “Jesus Juice,” though. Have a thing for overbearing children with an encyclopedic knowledge of saints and a penchant for philanthropy? We thought so too. The biggest lesson “Millions”-a story about some Anglo-Saxon kid who finds a massive bag of money and gives it away-teaches us? That these British brats should stick to their day job-magic. Damn muggles. “Sahara”Paramount PicturesDirected by Breck Eisner

If bongo-banging “brownie” baker Matthew McConaughey were to take on “Indiana Jones,” you’d get “Sahara,” the adaptation of Clive Cussler’s best-selling novel, also starring Penelope Cruz and Steve Zahn. Case in point: Would Indy actually dig on a best seller? Maybe, if he graduated from Chico State-somewhere “Sahara” is sure to do fine in.

Compiled by Foster Kamer and Ben Zalkind