Letter to the Editor: The Mac vs. Windows debate is a waste of time


Personally, this is what I find absolutely ridiculous about the whole Macs vs. Windows debate (“Stupid Mac computers,” April 7):

I use Windows. Why? Because that is what I learned growing up. If I were taught on a Mac, I would probably be using a Mac right now. I have no reason, or need, to switch at the moment. All it would do is cause confusion on my part.

Someone’s 5-year-old kid knows how to use it? Great. They probably also know how to belch on command or stick their uneaten veggies in their ears. I’m not impressed.

I’m sure if you asked a lot of people, they really wouldn’t care what computer they use, but will use what is convenient for them.

The British drive on the opposite end of the road. We’re still driving basically the same cars, but if I were to have to suddenly learn how to drive the other direction, I wouldn’t be as successful at it, even though I still know how to drive.

Let’s spend some time worrying about something that really matters, like why the hell we need ANOTHER required course. How about requiring I graduate before my future children do?

Nolo Bustos

Junior, Communication