Letter to the Editor: Blockbuster employees greet everyone to please corporate spies


In response to Cara Wieser’s column (“Go ahead, ask if you can help me,” April 7):

I work at Blockbuster. Every Friday and Saturday night secret shoppers come into our store. To get a good report sent to our district manager we have to have greeted every customer that comes in while the secret shopper was there. We also have to suggest different promotions to every person and ask if we can help them with anything. This is what we have to do to keep upper management happy with our performance.

I would like to take this chance to personally apologize for any traumatic experiences you have had at Blockbuster Video. I am sure if corporate Blockbuster knew that being polite and greeting people would be taken as a personal offence, we would discontinue this program. You are right.

How dare someone you don’t know try to be nice or help you in any way?

The problem you might face is this, some people like being offered assistance.

If the majority of customers disliked the greeter enough to stop coming to Blockbuster we would stop doing it.

It seems that a majority of people like it when employees are approachable. Sorry Cara, but it does not look good for your, “utopia Blockbuster” where employees won’t help you with anything or look you directly in the eye.

Instead of “talking in an extremely loud, high-pitched voice to intimidate her,” you could just introduce yourself. I bet she would treat you differently if she knew that you were not a secret shopper, or knew you as someone other than that girl that has trouble interacting with people.

Max Rohr

Freshman, Undecided