Miller Motorsports Park zooms toward completion

By By Matt Patton

By Matt Patton

Larry H. Miller is at it again. As if it weren’t enough to be the owner of the Utah Jazz, 39 auto dealerships, movie theaters and many other projects, Miller decided it was time to follow his dream of having his own racetrack.

Miller Motorsports Park, designed by architect Alan Wilson, will be the host of local auto, motorcycle and karting races, as well as national competitions, giving motorsports fans at the U a local option for entertainment.

“We plan to be racing [locally] sometime in early to mid-September.” Miller said of the track’s progress. “We think we’ll host our first national event next May.”

The racetrack will be located just off I-80 in Tooele, Utah and will be large enough to facilitate the needs for racers of all interests and backgrounds.

“It’s a four-and-a-half mile track, the longest in North America,” Miller said. “It can be sub-divided into an east track and a west track. One’s quite fast and one’s quite technical.”

Along with the long track, which will be used for motorcycle and auto racing, a 0.9 mile karting track will be onsite to host high-powered karts that can race at speeds above 100 mph.

“With the karting track and these two tracks, we can run three events simultaneously.” Miller said.

Miller also explained the interest that national organizations are already showing in the track.

“We’ve got four national organizations who have either sent us contract packages to bring events here, or are coming to see what the track is going to feature. Everybody that looks at it just comes away really excited.”

Miller was also surprised at the local enthusiasm that has already been generated since the park was announced.

“It just shocked me how much excitement there is about this in the community.” Miller expressed.

“It’s going to be fun, it’s gonna be a much bigger thing than I had originally anticipated.”

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