Miniskirts do not make women sluts


I am writing in praise of Gordon Swift’s letter to the editor (“Only creeps stare at women’s breasts,” Oct. 3) in response to Kellen Wilson’s letter to the editor (“Celebrate differences in men and women,” Sept. 29).

Swift, I have to tell you that I am sick of seeing you being insulted by fellow students on a daily basis in the Opinion section of The Chrony. Frankly, I must commend you for actually having a real opinion-you know, actually being able to think on your own without the aid of a church and rules that it may impose.

Don’t get me wrong, I am very religious and like to live a morally clean life-I just do not think that a church should dictate a person’s every thought and action. It is quite refreshing to open the paper every day and see a student unafraid to express opinions that go against the majority of student thinking at this university.

I greatly enjoyed your response to those who feel that women who wear skirts above the knee are automatically sluts. As I said, I try to live a morally clean life. By no stretch of the imagination would anyone consider me to be a “slut.” However, I do not hesitate to wear miniskirts and to sometimes show “a little skin.”

And when I do put these horribly revealing miniskirts on, I am not looking to make myself an object for men to ogle. I am simply trying to celebrate my youthful body while it lasts.

And one more thing Swift: Thanks for emphasizing the fact that just because ladies may show a bit of skin, it doesn’t make them second-class citizens. Keep expressing your opinions, Swift. I wish more of us would express our complimentary opinions of you.

Alice Ebert

Junior, Anthropology/English