Students’ opinions matter to ASUU


This is in response to The Chronicle’s recent editorial (“ASUU failed student’s interests,” Dec. 1).

The Chronicle called members of the Senate and General Assembly liars.

For the record, I’ve been a member of the General Assembly since April of this year, and not once have I ever lied to anyone regarding my position, opinion or policy as an elected official.

I do not wish to attack The Chronicle.

My intention is to address some of the misinterpretations that were published concerning the special session.

First, the legislation that was passed was not a bill; it was a resolution. A resolution merely contains recommendations.

Second, I did not misrepresent my constituents.

I would have voted against an implementation of a “hard-waiver” insurance policy (requiring all registered students to show proof of insurance) or “mandatory” insurance policy (requiring all students to carry and pay for the U of U’s health insurance plan) if the Senate hadn’t already struck both of those line items from the resolution.

Third, I believe that the majority of the students in my college are unaware of what is happening with student health insurance.

Notice my wording-I did not say ignorant and immature, but unaware.

If the current health insurance situation at the U continues, roughly 1,200 students will be uninsured.

I do not wish to leave these students uninsured, but I also do not wish to approve a measure that would force thousands of students out of school.

For this reason, I voted to approve an investigation of the “hard-waiver” policy, not to approve its implementation.

Last, The Chronicle has made an erroneous speculation in saying that ASUU will someday tell the administration that the students want to make health insurance mandatory.

Right now, the only thing ASUU has approved is an investigation.

If you’re a student, go to, educate yourself about the health insurance issue and use the site link to contact your college’s representatives with your opinion.

Despite what The Chronicle tells you, your opinion matters to me.

Taylor Howe

Junior, Political Science/Psychology

ASUU General Assembly,

College of Social and Behavioral Science