All-American refuse belongs in landfill

The All-American Rejects

Move Along


One-and-a-half out of five stars.

Because of its sheer boringness, Move Along is a perfect title for the new All-American Rejects album. There is absolutely nothing to see here, folks.

If nothing else, Move Along makes it strikingly clear that The All-American Rejects’ catchy, emo-pop single “Swing Swing” of 2002 will be the climax of the band’s career. The charm with which “Swing Swing” once graced the airwaves and stubbornly stuck itself in our heads is completely vacant on Move Along.

Instead, the album is full of formulaic predictability-dual-vocal choruses about breakups, makeups or just plain being in love. When any given track is two-thirds of the way over, like clock-work, a contrived, contemplated moment occurs, and then with a burst, the track goes back to the chorus.

The lesson learned here is: When rock uses recipes, we’re all in trouble.

For a pop record that was created much like chocolate chip cookies (the store-bought kind, sans love), we could at least expect a level of catchiness, but Move Along fails in this as well-the hooks are loud, but stale.

As a result, Move Along is an uninspired record that confirms everyone’s suspicions: The All-American Rejects are a one-hit blunder of a band. At least they seem to be comfortable with the concept of rejection.

Marshal Hogan