Tear down racial barriers at the U


As an African-American student of the U, I’d like to state something I’ve come to notice.

Firstly, I’m not actually from this state, I’m from the South. With that in mind, let me say that I’ve never in my entire life seen racial divides so strict as I see them on this campus.

Why is it that there are no black sororities or fraternities? Why isn’t there a strong black voice in the Associated Students of the University of Utah? Why aren’t more activities on campus designed to support tolerance among races? Why, why, why?

Now before I go off the deep end, I’d like to point out that Utah isn’t as bad as I thought it was. Sure, most of the people who attend the U are white, but they’re (at least some) a good white (as in Julia Roberts and Lance Armstrong) and not bad white (as in KKK and Martha Stuart).

Nevertheless, we’re all sitting on opposite sides of the field. But aren’t we supposed to be on the same team?

I guess my point is that the community of this school needs to stop focusing on skin colors and needs to pay more attention to enriching this campus. Yes, most of this state may be biased, but that doesn’t mean we have to be as well.

Geneva NixonSophomore, Pre-Education