Delta Delta Delta to lose charter

The National Executive Board of the Delta Delta Delta Sorority notified the Utah chapter last January that its charter will be revoked on April 30.

The decision came as a shock to the U chapter’s leadership because the group was never given a warning or put on probation.

In November, members of the executive office visited the U and told the chapter they were proud of how the members had improved financially and academically, Melissa Carey, president of the Utah chapter, said.

“Something happened in two months where, instead of having faith in our ability to do this, they decided (to revoke the charter). We’re shocked,” she said.

Jason Gomez, chapter development specialist, said the sorority’s executive board voted to withdraw the charter because of a destructive pattern that had developed.

“For the past few years, there has been a consistent need to recruit new members, which has put strain on the chapter both for leadership and financially,” he said.

The sorority is the smallest on campus with 30 members. The expected number at the U, called “total,” is 63 members.

“Almost every sorority on campus has been struggling with numbers and making total,” Carey said.

Currently, only two out of the six sorority chapters are above total, which was recently reduced from 80 to 63.

In March, Carey appealed the decision to the executive board and was denied.

The dismantling of the sorority will affect the organizations for which the chapter raises money, including The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Salt Lake, St. Jude’s, a cancer research hospital and Primary Children’s Medical Center.

For the past three years, the chapter has provided five volunteers, five nights a week at Rocky Point Haunted House. In exchange, an estimated $25,000 in donations is given to the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Salt Lake. Allison Barclay, director of operations for the Boys and Girls Club, said it is a significant amount of their budget.

“I’m very sad to hear they’re losing their charter. They’ve been a great help,” said Beatrice Turvey, area director for the Boys and Girls Club.

The sorority received its U charter in 1932 and built its house, located on 100 South, in 1938.