Students endure lengthy tuition lines

With class in 90 minutes, Melissa McIntyre, a sophomore in biology, thought she had plenty of time to pay her tuition Tuesday-but she was wrong.

When class started at 6 p.m., McIntyre was still finalizing her payment plans with the tuition office.

“Waiting in line is not the most fun thing to do,” McIntyre said. “But it’s all my own fault. I was hoping less people would be procrastinating so I could.”

With long lines forming 30 minutes before the doors opened at 7:30 a.m., cashiers at the tuition office stayed past 6 p.m.-closing time-to accommodate all the students.

Many waited more than two hours to pay their tuition.

Lawrence Wright, a junior architecture major, said he wanted to pay his tuition online, but he had questions about his loan-processing fee.

Wright was not alone. Many students needed help with loans, payment plans or tuition stipends, all of which prevent students from paying online.