Zundel is a novice and a hypocrite


I am responding to Aaron Zundel’s recent column (“Rocky Anderson is disgraceful: And so were the protests downtown,” Sept. 1).

Zundel said, “…the president of the United States of America-an office that deserves respect under ANY circumstance…” (the word “president” should be capitalized).

Did you felt the same when President Clinton was in office? And, when the circumstance was not lying to the citizens about WMDs and the intentions of war, but instead about receiving oral sex? Don’t judge Mayor Rocky Anderson’s actions (and civic duty) because you agree with the current presidential administration.

Zundel also said, “In truth, if those people at the protests have genuine issues, then I encourage them to pursue real political action. But there are other, less petty, more effective ways of discourse than sensationalized protests…Unlike many protesters, however, I believe in America.”

The same can be said about you, good sir. If you truly believe in the cause, and you genuinely feel the need to support our troops, then I (a veteran of the first Persian Gulf War) would encourage you to not write “petty” opinion columns, but to join our military ranks and pick up a weapon. More importantly, the protesters are not anti-America (as you claim); they are anti-Bush. Though I doubt you understand, there is a difference.

Last, your second-to-last sentence is a sentence fragment.

Grow your hair out a little and re-read “How to write an opinion essay” (or see Lindsey Sine’s columns as an example)-you hypocrite.

Bryan Cody