Chronicle’s leftist agenda on full display with gun coverage


In an attempt to further the liberal agenda to deny us our right to bear arms, The Chronicle wrote, “Just because something’s legal doesn’t mean it’s logical to do it” (“Don’t carry guns to class just because you can,” Sept. 11).

Yet The Chronicle defended Rocky Anderson’s recent protest by arguing that he has a constitutional right to freedom of speech.?Maybe you should use that same logic when writing about Rocky. Just because he has the constitutional right to embarrass our city doesn’t mean he should.

In a separate article (“Keep piece on campus,” Sept. 11), Matthew Piper insinuated that none of us are in danger while we are on campus and therefore have no need to carry guns for protection. This came just one week after The Chronicle reported that a predator attacked a woman near Greek Row. Don’t women have a right to protect themselves from sick, perverted liberals?

The Chronicle’s argument continued: “If all students were to follow the same policy?everybody at the U could feel safer in knowing that nobody is armed.” That is unrealistic. Do you really think that a predator looking for a woman to rape is going to leave his gun at home just because the U has a policy against guns?

More likely, the potential rapist would feel comfort knowing that his victim is not carrying a gun. As the saying goes, “If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.”

Kellen WilsonSenior, Finance and Spanish