Gun issue is irrelevant


Approximately two and a half years ago, I wrote a letter to?The Chrony about the guns-on-campus issue. Sadly, things are still the?same now. The Legislature says the U can’t ban guns on campus, and?the U says that, if guns are allowed, then students’ academic freedom?will be infringed upon. And of course, how certain are we right now?that none of the other students have guns in their backpacks? Did they?have to pass through a medical detector checkpoint to enter campus??Of course not.

When some wacko with a gun decides to start shooting?people on campus, he’s not going to check first to see if its OK to?have a concealed weapon on campus and then decide against it because?of a university policy.

So, after who knows how many years and dollars spent (how much did?tuition go up again this year?), we are now going to continue this?fight at the federal level for a policy that is not enforced. At this?point, the only effects of the concealed weapons ban on campus are 1)?keeping law-abiding permit carriers from bringing their weapons to?school and 2) if some nutjob decides to start shooting people on?campus, he or she can add an extra fine on top of his or her homicide charges.?Tell me again how this is a debate I should support???

Jacob Tripp?

Graduate student,?Medical Informatics