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By By Cody Brunner and By Cody Brunner

By Cody Brunner

First off, props to the Utes and their coaching staff for taking my advice against San Diego State and finally using Eric Weddle as they should. They still haven’t moved the Statue of Liberty to tight end, but for now, the first will suffice.Second, I was sitting at my desk on Wednesday, trying to figure out an angle to take on this weekend’s match-up against Boise State and, go figure, I drew a blank. Normally, The Chronicle sports staff analyzes every little issue six ways, even sideways, and what you get is our pretty little game guide. But I wanted to do something a little different this week. Then, like a pill to the mouth of T.O., it hit me. Why not get the fan’s analyses of the upcoming game? What makes my opinions so much more valuable than the average reader’s? Because I’m sweet? No, that can’t be it.Needless to say, I decided to take this idea to the streets and see what Ute fans thought about the upcoming contest.James Sessions, a sophomore in biology, seems fairly confident that the Utes will pick up the victory on Homecoming.”Utah will, I repeat, will come out on top. If we were playing in Boise on that sick blue turf, they would have a chance, but in front of a sold-out Utah crowd? I don’t think so,” Sessions said.Sessions makes a pretty fair point. Rice-Eccles Stadium can hold up to 45,017 people and is expected to be filled to capacity with mostly Utah fans tomorrow. As far as the “sick blue turf”?”Boise State, aren’t they the team with the blue field?” asked Evan Orton, a sophomore majoring in biology.What Orton and Sessions are referring to, of course, is Boise State’s home field, which is covered with blue FieldTurf.Jocelyn Nelson, a junior majoring in mass communication, doesn’t think the Broncos deserve the national recognition they are receiving, but is also quick to point out Boise State’s peculiar color choice.”I don’t think they’re a Top 25 type of team. Who have they beaten? Hawaii, Wyoming?these are not exactly quality teams. And what kind of football team has a bright blue field? That’s kind of fruity if you ask me,” Nelson said. Nelson’s Top 25 comment makes a solid point. Boise State is 4-0, but the Broncos’ wins have come against Oregon State, Sacramento State, Wyoming and, most recently, Hawaii. Boise State narrowly edged the Rainbow Warriors of Hawaii on the Smurf Turf last week, 41-34. Angel Castillo, a senior in sports management, pitched in his two cents on the game.”I think the game will go right down to the end. It just depends on whether the Utah defense can stop that potent Boise State offense,” Castillo said.Castillo’s comment brings up a good question. Can the Ute defense hold strong against one of the more potent running attacks in the nation? Boise State averages 222.3 rushing yards per game and its feature back, Ian Johnson, ranks third in the nation in yards (626).Utah’s run defense has also been superb thus far this season, holding opposing backs to a meager 3.0 yards-per-carry average. Something has to give.”If the Utes can come out and stop that Johnson kid, and contain the quarterback (Jared Zabransky), then they will have a chance to win,” said Chad Ariss, a junior in exercise and sport science. Adam Hiscock, a freshman in engineering, leaned toward a more simple approach to tomorrow’s game.”Game? That’s not a game, we always beat the blue guys. Why should it matter whether it’s Boise or BYU?” Hiscock said.So what have we learned? Well, Boise State has a marquee tailback, its turf is a tad fruity and the Utes’ defense will be the key to their success against the Broncos. Actually, that’s a fairly accurate breakdown.