KUTE Radio’s Pick O’ the Week

TortoiseIt’s All Around YouThrill Jockey RecordsFive out of five stars

Listening to the newest release from Tortoise is like sitting in a beach chair on your own private island. There’s always a constant rhythm and musical progression, just like warm sea waves lapping against your ankles. You aren’t sure if you should tap your foot ever so slightly or simply bask in the glory of the curious sounds emanating from your speakers. The band’s sonic soundscapes describe a violet sunset or a lolling float through the clouds. Lush jazz with a hint of hip-hop beats and an indie sensibility cradles you in a secure space capsule all your own where you are left to contemplate the meaning of life. It’s All Around You is amazing, but some stand-out tracks include “Stretch (You Are All Right)” with it’s insistent but lazy funk groove and vibes and “On The Chin” with its ambient noises and chirping guitars. This is not your average rock band–these people are artists with brushes of sound and your eardrum the canvas.