Letter: Kirkham should pay for my schooling

Editor:After reading Rochelle McConkie’s article (“Road BLOC: ASUU falls short on scholarship promise, forms new plans for spring,” Jan. 25), I was reminded of how the lack of common courtesy and accountability is not only plaguing our world, but the U as well.Jake Kirkham entered office with the support of voters based on promises made during his campaign. One of those promises was to establish 50 new scholarships for students. Currently, he has created two. We are well past the midway point in the school year, and Kirkham’s response is eerily similar to that of President Bush’s stance on Iraq (“everything is fine”). The promise of establishing scholarships is a significant one and should not be dismissed–as a promise to put Dr. Pepper in all of the drinking fountains should be. He is dealing with people’s lives! Kirkham’s unfulfilled promises have a profound impact on students and could be the determining factor on if that student can even attend the university and get an education. It is high time Kirkham and other university leaders start taking overdue accountability for what they have promised the people. I propose that Kirkham be made to keep his promise by personally funding the remaining scholarships. Maybe this will help him refrain from making hollow promises! So Kirkham: I am in need of a scholarship, what is your checking account number?

Spencer ThomasJunior, History/Communication