Here’s hoping a new year means a new game

Spencer Pearson and Basim Motiwala, president- and vice president-elect of the Associated Students of the University of Utah, spent Thursday afternoon the way any person might.

Pearson attended the wedding of a friend and Motiwala spent his time watching the UCLA basketball game.

As Motiwala sat on the couch inside the ASUU office explaining his nervousness, I couldn’t help but think that the game-starting out competitive but ending with UCLA shutting down Weber State-was a sign for Motiwala and his party.

Nearly three hours later, my suspicions proved true.

Forward Party looked promising in the beginning, staying in step with FUSE during the announcements of the Assembly victors. Then, just like UCLA in the game, FUSE broke ahead of Forward and there was soon little doubt in the room as to what the result would be as FUSE Party members prepared to hoist Pearson up on their shoulders.

And so ASUU moves on to a new year where the elected officials have committed to placing student opinions above their own.

Though he had just won something he worked tirelessly for, Motiwala acknowledged afterward there is a long road ahead of him filled with work.

Motiwala is correct-the nights will be long, and though the perks are worth it for Pearson and Motiwala, the work will begin now and end in a year.

Like athletes ready to come off the bench, Pearson and Motiwala seem eager enough that the optimist in me can’t help but hope for something revolutionary from their time in office.

Sure, a graduation guarantee can earn them points, but it isn’t enough to win the game.

For me, their success comes from their election promise to listen to the student voice. The same sentiment is given every year, but I believe that this year has the potential to be different for two reasons.

First, if they don’t uphold their promise, I will write about it. People in ASUU would give their mother away to avoid having bad press, so I feel this menacing threat will help keep them in line.

Second, throughout the election process I have come to know Pearson and Motiwala as being honest and hard-working to a fault. If they realized they hadn’t been keeping a campaign promise, they would probably be harder on themselves than anyone could ever be.

It is my hope that within their term, Pearson and Motiwala will succeed with their graduation guarantee. In addition, I hope that they succeed in maintaining some of the campus presence that they had during their campaign. If they do that, they will have done what most before have not.

Pearson and Motiwala have the potential to improve ASUU for the student body as long as they hear the student voice.

Here’s hoping they are patient listeners until the March Madness rolls around again.