Letter: Chrony needs to adjust its priorities


I am aghast at this story (“U employee rewarded for public service,” Aug. 29). Like corporate television, The Chronicle has taken the easy route by assigning a “reporter” to a non-story, only to report a non-story. (It’s symptomatic of a perilous trend at your “independent student voice.”)

While Lundgren is to be applauded for punching three digits on her cell phone, the real story lies elsewhere. Hundreds of staff and faculty at the U do real, beneficial public service — valuable volunteer work benefiting our communities.

Professors organize conferences, work-study students pick up garbage and you sit at your desk, reading poorly-worded press releases.

Here’s a story you missed, one of a true “U” public servant:


Instead of taking the path most convenient, and covering what the police want you to, I implore you to investigate. Do research. Meet the need that your readers demand and commend WORK well done.

Jason HardyAlumnus ’06