Film scene brings celluloid adventures to Salt Lake City

By By Trevor Hale, Red

By Trevor Hale, Red

Every once in a while, the stars (and deadlines) will align just right so that a theme is born. That’s what happened this week with Red Pulse. With summer ending and fall making an early appearance, it was time to look ahead to what matters most when the weather turns cold and the hoodies come back out of the closet8212;movies. Maybe you expected something a little deeper, but let’s face it, we’re an entertainment magazine and what’s more entertaining than film? We’re heading back into the so-called “smart season” in Hollywood, when all the big toys are put away and the smaller, tougher, thinking-man film season begins.

We wanted you all to know that there is a film scene in Salt Lake City, just like there’s an art scene or a music scene. There are people who slave for months to make that one perfect 15-minute short film they can show at the Tower. There are those whograduate and move on to success in Hollywood, and that’s what’s at the heart of this issue. We’ve got the rest of the stuff too, but movies are where our head is this week, because sometimes it’s nice to sit back and escape into a celluloid adventure. Especially after that first week of class. Treat yourself and follow suit. You deserve it.