Students should take advantage of Alternative Fall Break

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Instead of taking a road trip or going boating for Fall Break, 50 U students will devote their time to service.

Complementing the popular Alternative Spring Break program, the Bennion Community Service Center is taking applications for the second year of Alternative Fall Break. Both programs are opportunities for U students to use their time off to give service to communities in need.

This year’s locations include Navajo Mountain, Denver, Southern Utah and Iowa. The Bennion Center subsidizes the trips, which cost $100 to $290 including lodging, transportation and most food. The service projects range from helping immigrants find suitable housing to clearing flood-ravaged Iowa streets.

So far, 32 of the total 50 slots are full, with the Bennion Center reporting an average of five applicants per day. Considering only 16 slots were offered last year, the growth of the program is an encouraging reflection of the U and its students. Likewise, Alternative Spring Break offers 116 slots that it routinely fills. Some trips fill up as early as January.

Kudos to the Bennion Center for facilitating this worthy program and providing students with a better way to spend Fall Break.

Volunteering has come alive on campus, thanks to organizations such as the Bennion Center and students who continue to support them. We encourage students to remember volunteering is more than just a great way to pad a résumé. By helping others, U students can realize how privileged they are and contribute to the relief of those in less favorable circumstances.

With only 18 slots remaining, students should act quickly to take advantage of this superb opportunity.

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