“ASK HER” was Greek recruitment ploy

By Michael McFall, Staff Writer

The “ASK HER” vandal is unmasked, and it’s the Kappa Sigma fraternity.

Griffin Jones, president of Kappa Sigma, said he personally went out with a group of about 20 volunteers Sunday, Monday and Tuesday to paint the “ASK HER” messages all over campus. Jones would not specify how many volunteers were fraternity members, but said the house was well aware of the operation.

His announcement came Monday, when female students were seen around campus wearing green T-shirts with the words “ASK ME” printed on them, along with the Greek Kappa Sigma letters. The women were friends of Kappa Sigma members, who asked them to wear the T-shirts, Jones said.

The “ASK HER” graffiti and “ASK ME” T-shirts were part of an advertisement campaign to recruit new members into the fraternity, he said. The women handed out fliers listing Kappa Sigma events for the rest of the week, including a Wednesday dinner with the Delta Gamma sorority.

Abby Henriod, president of Delta Gamma, said last week she knew nothing about the “ASK HER” vandalism. Jones said the same Wednesday. U Paint Shop Supervisor Gary Forrest said Sept. 30 that no one told the U Paint Shop about plans for a graffiti advertisement campaign.

“Saying something would have ruined the surprise,” Jones said.

The campaign is a signature of the national Kappa Sigma fraternity and has been done several times, said Mitchell Wilson, executive director of the national fraternity headquarters.

During the past two years, there have been at least three occurrences of similar “ASK HER” campaigns: Washington State University earlier this year, Sacramento State last year and the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 2006.

At Sacramento State, the Kappa Sigma fraternity posted flyers that read “ASK HER” instead of leaving it in chalk and paint. The fraternity house was billed $25 for violating the university’s posting regulations.

However, the U’s chapter could be paying a greater sum for its mischief. Forrest estimates the cost of repairing the damage at $3,000 once labor, wages and resources are counted.

Jones said he apologized to the U Paint Shop on Monday and that his fraternity is planning to help compensate for the cost of washing away their vandalism. The fraternity members have determined the method of compensation, but Jones would not specify how they plan to cover the estimated $3,000.

The U Paint Shop could not be reached for comment. Campus police declined to comment.

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