Police Briefs

By Michael McFall, Staff Writer

Pot on the pot
Police suspect someone got high in one of the Business Classroom Building’s bathroom stalls, and tried to cover his or her scent. According to a police report, a female student tried to use a stall Thursday, only to find it locked and occupied. When she returned, she told police that the occupant was gone, and two distinct smells gave away the crime: burnt marijuana and a lot of air freshener.

Blanket burglary
A homeless person is suspected of kicking in a vent to steal a queen-sized blanket in the Business Classroom Building, according to a police report.

The complainant told campus police that she had left her blanket in the faculty lounge of the building Wednesday, and when she returned in the morning, it was gone. The vent at the door to the lounge had been knocked off.

Nothing else was reported stolen from the lounge.

Unique door jam
A handicapped parking sign was uprooted from its place and used as a door jam. At some point after 9 p.m. Wednesday, someone yanked the sign, a blue 6-foot wooden plank, out of its spot behind Sage Point 813 in the Residence Halls, according to the police report. The sign was placed in the doorway behind the building.

A woman was seen sitting on the uprooted parking sign, smoking a cigarette and chatting with a man. The woman was sitting on the upper half of the door jam, which stuck out of the building. The man was sitting against the wall nearby.

Later that night, the sign had been placed back in its spot.

Missing backpack
A student’s backpack is missing.
On Tuesday, a student left his backpack inside the Libby Gardner Hall student lounge. When he realized he had left it there, he found that the building was locked for the night. He returned the next morning, but the backpack, which contained his textbooks and laptop, was gone.

Mystery skateboarder
On Monday, a custodian for OSH told police that he found skateboard wheel marks in the basement hallways and beer cans in the auditorium.

The only event over the weekend was the Free Skier Movie Premiere. The same event was held last year, when the custodian said he saw the same lingering signs of weekend mischief. It will take two people 80 hours to re-wax the floors in the basement, which will likely happen over Fall Break, the custodian told police.

Compiled by Michael McFall