MUSS excitement builds as tickets sell out fast

By By Katie Valentine

By Katie Valentine

U students waited in a line going out the door and down the sidewalk of the Alumni House to pick up this season’s MUSS tickets Tuesday morning.

Tickets and shirts are officially being handed out every day this week until Thursday at 3 p.m. Students have been able to still sign up for MUSS tickets at this time in past years. But this year, the MUSS capacity of 5,000 maxed out before school even began.

“I just think the excitement level is much higher than it’s ever been just playing off of last year,” said Brynn Whitchurch, executive secretary for the Alumni Association.

All that hype led to 2,000 students signing up within the first few hours of open MUSS registration last spring. This year, the MUSS is going to be bigger and better than ever before because of it, Whitchurch said.

The waiting list has about 250 people signed up, Whitchurch said. The waiting list was set up in case the MUSS Board gets any more tickets or MUSS members don’t pick theirs up, not as a guarantee for tickets. Anyone can sign up to be on the waiting list online.
During previous years, MUSS registration has become a tradition for many students on the U campus.

“There’s really no better way to experience football than to join the MUSS,” said Tyler Hamblin, a junior in film studies. “It’s definitely the way to be.”

In response to the Ute football team’s huge success last year and subsequent rush to the MUSS this summer, Under Armour teamed up with the MUSS to make this year’s T-shirts after being on the fence about signing a deal last year. Under Armour’s lightweight material makes the shirts more comfortable to wear in the sun at football games. A bonus for women is that the T-shirts come in women’s sizing, not just the generic sizes for everyone.
Thomas Wilson, a junior in mechanical engineering, said he’s in the MUSS so he can “go with friends and be around a whole bunch of other Utah students and go crazy,” saying the experience is one of the best benefits of going to the U.