ASUU, administrators face off in softball

By By Chris Mumford

By Chris Mumford

The annual softball game between U administrators and the student government offered an opportunity for them to interact outside of school8212;and try to embarrass each other in the process.

This year’s bout, held Tuesday afternoon on the north field softball diamond, saw administrators rout the Associated Students of the University of Utah 25-5. But players for ASUU still found something to be positive about.

“We’re just trying to make a better showing than last year,” said Ameena Khan, ASUU chief of staff. In terms of offense, ASUU’s five runs were an improvement from last year, when administrators won 12-0.

“It’s just fun to be able to do something with the students outside of school and be able to give them a hard time,” said Jerry Basford, associate vice president for student affairs, who has been organizing the event for the past three years and coaches the administration’s team.

A small but boisterous crowd cheered the players on and enjoyed free hot dogs and drinks under the sun.

Few of the players from either side had a strong stake in the outcome, but administrators took satisfaction in beating their young, generally more athletic counterparts.

“The thing about us is we get older every year, but ASUU stays the same age,” Basford said. “You never know, we could be too tired after the third inning.”

ASUU President Tayler Clough also pointed out the age difference between the teams in explaining ASUU’s loss.

“Can you tell which generation doesn’t play baseball?” he asked.

Abby Howell-Dinger, co-assistant director for the ASUU Board of Sustainability, said she was happy that the team practiced and showed improvement from last year’s embarrassing loss and hopes to see the team perform better next year.

“I had fun, that’s key,” she said.

Lennie Mahler

Brandon Dalley, on the administration team, hits for a single during the ASUU vs. administration softball game Tuesday at the north field softball diamond. The administrators won 25-5.