Rock the U not efficient fundraiser

By By Yasmeen Hussain

By Yasmeen Hussain


After seeing ASUU’s budget, I question the wisdom of holding events such as Rock the U.

Thousands of dollars were spent on T-shirts and tens of thousands on entertainment. This money could be going toward more crucial expenditures such as researcher salaries and advanced lab equipment. The cash that participants raised for the purpose of cancer research could have been supplemented by Rock the U’s vast budget.

Last year’s Rock the U budget hovered around $25,000, and participants raised just above that. With those figures, it seems that the program barely breaks even. To prevent this situation, ASUU could donate $20,000 to the Huntsman Cancer Institute and use $5,000 (or $500) to put on an equally effective event.

I completely understand the need to raise money for cancer research, but this is clearly not the most efficient or financially sound way to do it.