Health care article ignorant

In response to Whitney Fitts’ “well thought-out” article regarding the health care debate (“Health care debate plagued by skewed words,” Sep. 21), I just have one question8212;what was the point? Is it your opinion that people opposing the Obama health care reform are being too mean? You really felt like we needed an article to tell us right-winged “rednecks” to calm down? Don’t worry, Obama has already done that for you. The problem I have with ignoramuses like yourself is that you want to give away all your freedoms that were fought so hard for at the onset of this great country. “A little bit of competition,” what a joke! Do you actually believe that any health insurance company, large or small, will survive against a government-run health plan that does not look to make any profit and forces other companies to insure the normally “uninsurable”? This is what Obama wants in the end, and he knows that this is the only way to get to that point: a single-payer system. And by the way, Intermountain Health Care is a good thing, but not if it were the only plan out there. We all still have a choice to choose them or some other company.

We live in a world where we pay for things that we deem to have high value. A small pebble from my front yard, worth nothing. A diamond of the same size, worth thousands! What could be more important than our health? Nothing! Why should we expect to get something so valuable for relatively nothing? All I can say is that it is people like you who are going to be the cause of the Constitution hanging by a thread, and when it is too late, you will finally realize what you have done. I pity you and anyone like you.

Robert Paul,
Senior, Accounting