APA research on gays not conclusive


In response to Jonathan Deesing’s article (“Uneducated opinions on therapy hurt gays,” Sept. 28) I would like to point out that homosexuality was classified as a disorder up until 1974 in the APA’s Diagnostics and Statistical Manual. The reason for this change was from mounting pressure of gay rights activists and bias research produced by bisexual Alfred Kinsey. The disorder was replaced by gender identity disorder, a disorder that today is hotly protested to be removed from the DSM. Deesing’s argument that “these professionals have no ulterior motives or goals in releasing this study” is grossly mistaken.

If a person wants therapy to try and become heterosexual, then that person has that right. Much of what is practiced in therapy today is not supported by research. Psychological research is subjective, and Deesing makes a naive point by saying the research findings by the APA are conclusive and must be adhered to.

Andrea Dustin,
Educational Psychology
Medical Student