Planned Parenthood health care good choice for students


Obviously our country is experiencing a rather heated health care debate, and until something is done about our current system, people, particularly college students, need to know about where they can receive affordable services. Many students fall between the cracks of being too old to remain on our parents’ insurance but without a job that offers health benefits, so the search for a low-cost provider we can go to without insurance is critical. Planned Parenthood is one such provider.

I know, I know, I dared to utter the name of that controversial organization that shall not be named. But while Planned Parenthood gets a lot of criticism over the fact that they offer abortion services and are strong advocates for choice, it is important to realize that those services are only a fraction of what they do. The majority of their services are preventative. If you’re looking for STI screenings/treatment, pap smears, breast exams, pelvic exams, contraception, pregnancy tests and other services at an affordable rate, set your fears aside and try looking at your local Planned Parenthood. They are a great, comfortable and safe provider of women’s and men’s health care, and guess what? No insurance necessary.
Tope Adeyemi,

Senior, Psychology