Megafauna embraces a loud, animal-like sound

Photo Courtesy Anna Webber
Photo Courtesy Anna Webber

Texas-based band Megafauna upholds a larger-than-life attitude. Evolving from a competitive music scene, it is no surprise the group picked a symbolic name to represent its identity. To the three musicians, Megafauna is more than a title ­— it is a lifestyle.
Deriving from terminology evident in the world of zoology, the direct definition of megafauna translates to “large animal.” With that definition, it is evident the band works to exude its inner creature.
For instance, like the animal kingdom, Megafauna expresses a carpe diem philosophy — a mentality conveyed through the gang’s melodic appetite. Taking inspiration from all walks of music, the crew looks to mentors like Radiohead and Nirvana. From big names to the discreet culture of songwriting, lead singer and guitarist Dani Neff also attributed the band’s talent to local artists from Megafauna’s birthplace — Austin, Texas.
Bringing out the beast from within, Megafauna has worked to define a booming and intricate style.
“We only have three instruments, but we create a massive sound out of that,” Neff said in a phone interview. “So, that’s where that name [Megafauna] came from. It’s a hard rock style for sure, but with a lot of dynamic. So the song might start off really quiet and then … get really loud and crazy.”
Building a musical genre from three instruments is complicated and takes an attention to detail to be successful. The group has learned, through collaboration, to take the little aspects of life and make them meaningful. Currently on a West Coast tour, the band has already fostered several relationships.
Taking advantage of the website, a free service connecting travelers with other people across the world who can offer a place to stay, Megafauna has experienced hospitality from different cultures. In the wild, it is important to adjust to the changing circumstances of nature and to assimilate to a wide variety of habitats. When looking back on the band’s couch-surfing encounters, Neff realized Megafauna has accomplished just that.
When performing in El Paso, Texas, the band connected with the lifestyle of a rabbi and his wife, who is a vegan cook. In Portland, Ore., Neff and her bandmates enjoyed conversing with a philosopher during their stay.
Heading east from Oregon, Megafauna will showcase their inner animal and latest album “Surreal Estate” at D&R Spirits in Ogden this Saturday. Having never been to Utah, Neff anticipates a great show and hopes to witness the state’s underground music vibe.
In a final message to students, Neff said, “Do whatever makes you really happy. If you love playing music, you should play music. If you love making films, you should do that. It sounds really obvious, but for some reason it can be so hard to just follow your passion. I would like everyone out there to do that.”