Baseball Talk – Ep. 11 – Ute Baseball Year in Review & “Is Baseball Dying”

On this weeks episode, Will and Becca start off the show talking about the current state of MLB, who is impressing and who has completely flopped.  One team that is truly surprising people is the Boston Red Sox, who are currently leading the East in the American League.  They discussed some of the other teams, like Toronto Blue Jays and the Los Angeles Dodgers, who are really having rough years off the start.  They also discussed how fast the season has passed by, and how the All-Star game is only a month away.
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They shifted gears and did a year in review for the Ute Baseball and Softball teams.  Will mentioned how he wished their was more the show had done to cover the Utah Softball team, and how softball in his mind, is good enough for the baseball show.  With both teams pretty much on the same level, both teams struggled to hit .500.
2009 MWC Baseball Championship
Will and Becca closed the show talking about the often debate of wether baseball is dying.  With a clip from an NPR report, they found numerous points to indicate that, in fact, baseball is not dying but actually growing.  Be sure to listen to the debate and give your opinion on K-UTE’s Facebook page, or on Baseball Talk’s Twitter page.