Bringing back the ’90s: The Good

— The Daily Utah Chronicle File
Past trends have been resurfacing in contemporary fashion lately and have snuck back into department stores across the globe.
Just about every decade of the 20th century has been given a triumphant reprise or two on catwalks or in showrooms, but it was only recently that my personal favorite era was granted aesthetic validation last Fashion Week. Basking in the ever-changing limelight this time around was the ’90s, complete with miles of denim, copious ugly sweaters and spunky geometric patterns.
For some, however, the sight of scrunchies and overalls is far less welcome than it is to me. Sure, the decade had some pretty unsightly trends, but it also harnessed a distinctly spunky, absolutely enjoyable attitude toward dressing that the whole world ought to own.
Besides, when seriously considered, it is impossible to deny the prevalence of the ‘90s. Just look around campus, and you’ll realize the decade that brought us “Clueless” and “10 Things I Hate About You” never really escaped fashion’s circle of influence to begin with. Pieces iconic of grunge culture are the perfect example. Since bands like Nirvana popularized them, flannel shirts, worn-in denim and band tees lingered for a time until they finally just became staples of American dressing.
Of the oodles of lively trends exposing themselves to us, here are a few of my favorites:
These have made a gargantuan comeback in recent years. New age style icons such as Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller have proved time and time again that these frumpy, shapeless sacks of denim somehow radiate a naturally confident glow.
Bucket Hats:
While this trend can be considered pretty “iffy,” I think it actually has a lot of merit. If anything, bucket hats are fun. They’re attractive to cool people in pop culture. For instance, Rihanna was spotted wearing one this summer, and considering the fact that she was crowned CFDA Fashion Icon of the Year, it can’t be all that bad. At least, that’s what I told myself when I bought all three of the bucket hats nestled in my closet between my beanies and ball caps.
Mom/Dad Jeans:
Though I’m not quite sure these even qualify as a trend making a comeback, considering it was typically the less fashionable, baby-bellied mothers that obsessed over these, high-waisted jeans are having a serious moment. Often worn ironically, these dubious pants emanate a lighthearted comfort and give the rump a nice shape if you have the right assets.
All Denim Everything:
While we are on the topic of denim, it might be smart to mention the fact that the ‘90s loved denim almost as much as we do, if not more. So buy all the denim you can get your hands on, obviously.
Baby doll Dresses:
These have been popular for a few years now among the Tumblr crowd, but let’s not forget where these adorably dainty and shapeless dresses came from. They’re effortless, girly and a valuable addition to any woman’s closet.
These chunky, menswear-inspired shoes are synonymous with the punk scene of the ‘80s and early ‘90s, though they translate seamlessly into contemporary trends that push toward a more androgynous way of dressing that I absolutely adore.
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