WWI Exhibit Revels in History at Library


(Photo by Chris Samuels)

(Photo by Chris Samuels)
(Photo by Chris Samuels)

Enlarged historical photographs line the walls of the exhibition area on the fourth floor of the Marriott Library.
An exhibit entitled “Here and Over There: The Great War 1914-1918,” which highlights the history of World War I, is on display at the library until Dec. 7.
Along with photographs, cases of artifacts and medals are on display, and there is an exhibition of an officer in uniform as well as a surgical kit with saws, scalpels and pliers used during the war.
On one side of the floor, individual glass casings are separated into two tiers with a range of items. Books written for and against the war are also propped open and available to be leafed through.
One bulletin, “The University,” was written specifically for the U. Published in 1918, this bulletin gives information to high school seniors on the importance of getting an education and serving the country.
Margaret Keller, a visitor at the exhibit, came because of her family’s ties to the military.
“My father served in WWI, my husband in WWII, and my great-grandson in Afghanistan,” she said. “As a military family, I think it’s important to revel in these experiences.”
Keller said the exhibit specifically hit home for her father.
“[My father] hated talking about the war, but I have always believed it was because he suffered from shell shock,” Keller said. “He was a rancher up in Montana and tough as nails. I think the war changed him, though, because he became afraid of the unexpected and started having these nightmares where he’d wake up screaming and in a sweat.”
Alison Conner, one of the curators of the exhibit, said the display is an important reminder of history.
“2014 is the 100th anniversary on the beginning of World War I,” Conner said. “It is important to commemorate this event as well as honor the history left behind.”
Some items at the exhibit are connected to curating staff at the U.
“Luise Poulton, who is our managing curator here at the library, lent us the letters her grandfather wrote throughout the war,” Conner said.
The exhibit is free to all students and faculty.
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