Swim Club Debuts at the U


(Photo Courtesy of Swim Club)

(Photo Courtesy of Swim Club)
(Photo Courtesy of Swim Club)

Ethan Beseris, president and founder of the new swim club at the U, has always made athletics an important part of his life.
“That was the aspect I felt was missing most from my life heading into college,” Beseris said, “the incredible experience of training and competing with a dedicated group of individuals who have the same values as you do.”
Beseris, a sophomore in biology, recruited a team of swimmers to join the club, which now competes with other swim clubs.
During his freshman year at the U, Beseris said he continually returned to the idea of swimming and wanted to bring a competitive swimming program to the college campus.
After meeting with Campus Recreation, Beseris began recruiting past teammates and friends who he knew would be interested. Within two months, the club was formed.
The swim club meets for practice at the HPER natatorium on Tuesday and Thursday nights.
The purpose of the club, Beseris said, is “building a community of motivated student athletes who value the role of athletics in their life and bonded through it.”
Beseris said the practices are not mandatory and there are no attendance policies, but the team works hard and attends practices because they want to be there.
“There is always joking around, but when it comes down to it we are there to work hard and get better,” he said.
Polly Creveling, a sophomore in mechanical engineering and a captain for the team, serves as a liaison between the women on the team and the executive board. Creveling was once an NCAA swimmer at the U.
“I learned so much about swimming and the university as a whole,” Creveling said. “Working with the team was fun but also incredibly hard. Trying out and making it on to a Division One team was an amazing achievement that I am still proud that I did.”
She said she joined the club because she wanted to love swimming again and didn’t want it to be work.
“I missed the love I had gained for the sport, and I found it again through the club team,” Creveling said.“I’m swimming again for a different reason.”
Guy Watson, a sophomore in computer science and physics, said he got involved with swimming just this year. He said he enjoys swimming because he likes pushing himself and seeing his improvements each practice.
Watson said his favorite part of the club is the social aspect.
“All those people in the lanes next to you aren’t just people, they’re your friends,” Watson said. “When the time comes for a swim meet, having everyone there cheering you on is awesome.”
Melissa Hofmann, a sophomore in exercise and sports science, said she likes using the club as a way to de-stress.
“One of the things I love most about swimming is that it’s an escape from the rest of the world,” Hofmann said. “For an hour or two a day, I can just get in the pool and not have to worry about classes or tests or anything. It’s a time to remember the little things that can kind of get pushed to the side in the chaos of college.”
Beseris said he expects the club to grow in the future.
“My hope for this team is to see it persist after I leave the U or hand the management to someone else,” he said. “I think there will always be a need for it and that through our efforts, we can make this a strong team with traditions and history far beyond my scope of influence.”
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