The nine lies rom-coms tell us about love

Romantic comedies teach us all there is to know about love, right? Wrong. Here are nine lies movies always seem to tell us about love.


1. The dorky girl always gets the hot guy.

So many movies teach us that as long as we are dorky, we will get the guy. When’s the last time you actually saw the hot jock with the dorky girl from your chemistry class? …Never.


2. Everything ends in happily ever after.

Nothing is happily ever after. It doesn’t exist. You actually have to put in work for relationships to succeed. You can’t just summon your fairy godmother to the rescue.


3. Speaking of happily ever after, fairytales don’t exist.

Prince Charming isn’t going to come save you on a white horse, and Snow White’s hottie won’t be there to kiss you from your deep slumber. Talking mice aren’t going to sew a ballgown for you.


4. People change.

People do change but never into the person you want them to change into, so stop trying. If you can’t love the person they are, don’t love them at all.


5. Everyone has a chance.

You have a chance if you are a popular, good-looking, normal person. If you aren’t all of those things, good luck!


6. You’ll always end up with your best friend.

Yeah right, your best friend only sees you as the weird origami-lover that you are. You know how they look at you in a loving way? It’s because they aren’t sure how you get through each day without them, not because they love you romantically.


7. Relationships fix everything.

So you are having a bad day and your significant other shows up to save the day, right? Nah, that normally doesn’t happen. We have to deal with crappy days all on our own.


8. Love at first sight happens all the time.

I dare you to take a poll of all your friends in relationships and see how many of them actually fell in love at first sight. I bet the numbers are slim to none because looks are only 97.8 percent of a person.


9. Grand gestures mean instant love.

Unless you want to seem creepy, grand gestures don’t mean much today. We expect them far too often because every single romantic comedy shows us that they have to happen in order to find love.




So the next time you decide to take your love advice from a romantic comedy, just remember that Hollywood produced them to make money. They want you to fall in love with the dreamy man who shows up with a boom box outside your window. They want you to love the idea that Prince Charming exists and is going to sweep you off your feet one day. So this Valentine’s Day, do yourself a favor and don’t rely on “The Notebook” to get you through the day. Instead, take a chance and go meet someone new.

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