Hinckley Institute Hopes to Break Record

(Photo by Chris Ayers)

Chris Ayers

(Photo by Chris Ayers)

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(Photo by Chris Ayers)

(Photo by Chris Ayers)

Last year, the Hinckley Institute of Politics held a record 116 forums and it hopes to exceed that number this year.


Kendahl Melvin, an office assistant for the Hinckley, said the institute usually makes it their goal to have more forums in the current year than in the previous. This year being the 50th anniversary of the Hinckley Institute, Melvin said they will celebrate their accomplishments through the other forums they hold.

The Hinckley Institute will offer a variety of series including an Outstanding Professor series and the HIP talks. Melvin noted the organization has seen record numbers of forums and students attending the events.

Ally Wankier, a sophomore in strategic communication, said she attends events when she knows about them.

“I wish they were advertised better because I seem to hear about them after they’ve been held,” Wankier said.

Wankier said increasing the quantity of forums might impact their quality.

“Having forums that are more interesting and more applicable to students is very important,” Wankier said. “Sometimes, less is more.”

Melvin said the reason for holding more forums is to have quality for the individual student.

“The Hinckley is consistently striving to reach all groups of students,” Melvin said. “The increase in forums and the diversity of topics is exciting for us. We hope it means more students are learning more about the [institute of politics] and social issues.”

The Hinckley Institute claims it strives to include students of all majors and ages in its forums so that it reaches each demographic at the U.

“Forums give students a chance to learn outside the classroom,” Melvin said. “[They can] further their knowledge and expand their thinking.”

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