The U Used to Have a Flashing Problem


(Daily Utah Chronicle archive photo)

(Daily Utah Chronicle archive photo)
(Daily Utah Chronicle archive photo)

Flashing used to be a major concern for students at the U. No, seriously.

According to a 1983 archived article of The Daily Utah Chronicle, when a female student notified a librarian that she had just been flashed, the librarian shrugged it off and assured her that it was a common occurrence.

Breylin Talbot, a current freshman in human development, is at a loss as to why anyone would purposely put someone in such an awkward position.

“I don’t really know why anyone would have a desire to flash someone or go to such lengths to make someone uncomfortable,” she said.

If a student is flashed today, they should notify the campus police and give a description of the person, if possible. The female student flashed in 1983 reported the incident to U Police, but the assailants weren’t students, and nothing resulted from the report.

While it’s not an issue today, Talbot said she might not call the police if flashed.

“I would tell my friends and maybe my family. I would think it was a joke and play it off as one,” she said. “Things have changed in social aspects of our campus in a variety of ways.”

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