Three Things to Do to Make Your Time at the U Worthwhile

You may have a bucket list, but do you have a college bucket list?

Here are the top three things students say are a must while at the U:

1. Attend a sporting event

The U has packed crowds at nearly all of its home games, and there are even opportunities to travel to out-of-state games.

Thomas Jones, a sophomore in economics, has always followed Utah athletics.

“I think one of the best parts of going to the U is all of the games we can go to,” Jones said.

He recommends joining the MUSS for an even better experience.

2. Join a club

With more than 600 student groups, there is something for everyone. Even if you can’t find something you like, you have a chance to create a new group.

Madison Daily, a recent U graduate in psychology, said joining a club transformed her education.

“I made my life-long friendships in the different groups I was in,” she said. “My favorite was Dance Club. I have two left feet, but being in that group was more about movement and just having fun, which was perfect for me.”

3. Use your UCard

U students can get several free or discounted services with their student ID card, such as UTA transportation and tickets to plays.

Joseph Earl, a junior in sociology, loves this part of going to the U.

“I get to travel across Utah for free,” he said. “I live in Clearfield, but with my UCard I can stick around all day, maybe catch a show, see a museum or do something on campus and just take the train home. I like that I am not limited in doing things just because I live far away.”

For more information on what you can do with your UCard, go to

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A trax train runs through downtown Salt Lake City, Tuesday, May 19, 2015.

While these may be among the more popular things to do while a student at the U, they’re not the only things on the bucket list. Check out the U Book for 50 student traditions.

Michelle Turner, an undeclared sophomore, is half-way through filling hers. She plans to finish it before graduating.

“There are different medals you can get if you fill your book, but making the memories and being able to look back on them was the best for me,” she said. “I like seeing all the pictures of the first time I was at Redfest, attended a game in the MUSS or even participated in Homecoming Week. Those memories are the ones I will hold on to when I graduate from college.”

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