Tegan and Sara Deliver Upbeat Show at In The Venue


Tegan and Sara performing live in Salt Lake City at In The Venue on Thursday, September 22, 2016

By Lauren Gutierrez

The English electropop singer Shura was the opening act before the familiar and melodic keys to the song “Back in Your Head” began Tegan and Sara’s show on Thursday, Sept. 22 at The Venue. Working the stage, they had on matching black and white outfits with musicians behind them on the drums, guitar and keyboard. The crowd immediately perked up, cheering and singing along. The first half of their set they performed many of their recent songs, mostly from 2013’s “Heartthrob” and their latest album”Love You to Death.”

They spoke to the crowd intermittently cracking jokes about being a “nice G-rated Canadian band” and eating Doritos before the show. Sara said, “I wish you could see downstairs where we hang out because there’s a leopard print backstage area” to which Tegan replied, “Makes me afraid, makes me very afraid of the kinds of shenanigans that have gone on.”

They also found it amusing that the all ages show had a drinking area sectioned off with a chain link fence that was partly outside. Tegan said, “These people are at a whole different show over here.” The second half of the set began with the popular “Walking With a Ghost” leading into songs from their 2007 album “The Con” and more from the new record. It’s Tegan and Sara’s 17th year touring and their eighth record release; With all this experience under their belt, it shows that they enjoy taking command of the stage and entertaining their fans.

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