ASUU Wants to Get Campus Lit

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ASUU Wants to Get Campus Lit

By Zoe Kozlowski

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For students with classes and meetings after dark, a lack of lighting makes campus much less welcoming. In an effort to amend this issue, ASUU is launching the Get Campus Lit initiative.

Last Monday ASUU released a survey that asks about which areas of campus have inadequate lighting and where lighting maintenance is needed. The survey also aims to collect data on where most night classes are held and in which lots students are parking so that additional attention can be given to those areas.

ASUU plans to keep the survey open for six weeks. During this time, facilities management’s outdoor lighting team will respond to reported problems.

According to a 2014 crime survey held by Gallup, 37 percent of US adults reported feeling unsafe walking alone at night near their home. Campus is no exception.

The Get Campus Lit campaign includes a long term plan to improve lighting across campus by collaborating with facilities management while incorporating student feedback.

On November 2, facilities management will host a night walk through the areas outlined in the survey. They will use light meters to analyze the strength of light in those areas and will work to find a sustainable solution for places with dim lighting.

The survey, open until October 24, can be found at

[email protected]