Dion Lunadon: Music to Move to

By Jaycen Eggleston

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Known for his work with A Place to Bury Strangers and The D4, musician Dion Lunadon has just released his debut solo album on June 9. Self-titled, the album is straight out of the New York punk scene and brings the best parts of his First Wave predecessors.

Each track brings the same intensity to Lunadon’s variation on the first wave of the punk movement. The intentional guitar feedback, heavy bass lines and guttural vocals are very engaging; it’s really easy to experience a physical reaction to each song, to invest emotionally into them because Lunadon is also sincerely invested. “Hanging by a Thread” has a repetitive, upbeat, electronic melody with the occasional heavy guitar lick and almost spoken vocals appearing only at the close of the track, which made it seem more like an instrumental and calmer, kind of relaxing.

Most tracks feature guitar melodies in a lower key, intentional feedback and a vocal presence. These tracks get the listener emotionally invested in the album. The wall of sound behind the lyrics build in intensity as they progress, reaching “Com/Broke.” This song has a prominent guitar and the drums become more pronounced – after which the more relaxed “Hanging by a Thread,” is like taking a calming breath.

Dion Lunadon brings movement to mind, a room full of moving people having fun.  The arrangement of the songs mimics the way the crowd moves from the initial quick tempo to almost a frenzy. The calm moment in the middle is like leaving the room for a few minutes, then coming back to join the movement again but faster. The feelings in this album are fun and a little intimidating, but it’s easy to feel connected to Dion Lunadon and the themes in his works.

“Howl,” “Insurance Rent and Taxes” and “Hanging by a Thread” were definitely standout pieces in an album that came together very well. It is available on vinyl and on iTunes.