Patience: Just Back Off and Let Me Enjoy Some Taylor Swift, Okay?

By Alisa Patience

About a week ago, Taylor Swift released her new song and video. As someone who has an emotional attachment to the artist, I’m essentially conditioned to enjoy every song she puts out. More than that, however I enjoyed the song because it harnesses a catchy Brittany Spears vibe, but stays true to classic Swift with its lyrics. Even though the song appears meta in that it’s about Swift herself and her literal reputation, it has taken a lot of heat. The day after it came out, my sister texted me explaining how the song is “trash.” One of my friends would also always say the worst things about “T-Swizzle” whenever her name got brought up — how she’s a snake, plays the victim, etc. I feel that I should voice my opinion that you should let people enjoy things. If you don’t enjoy it, fine. Feel free to talk about it negatively. But don’t tell people that they’re bad people for enjoying something.

You’re vegan? Fine, but don’t tell people they’re evil for eating meat. You’re a carnivore? Fine, but don’t tell people they’re naive for being vegan. Not everyone constantly feels like having to defend their lifestyle or interests after being disrespected.

Along those lines, there’s no need to be snobs or “hipster” about things. For example, those people who only listen to “real” music. What does that even mean? That bands like alt-J and The 1975 inherently have more value than pop artists because they don’t appeal to everyone? No one should tell other people that their taste in music is trash. The same goes for any array of preferences like literature, movies, style, etc. I don’t like “Little Shop of Horrors,” but that doesn’t make me a fake theater fan. I love Jane Austen and Cassandra Claire, but that doesn’t make me inferior to other English majors.

Additionally, fall is right around the corner, which means, you guessed it, pumpkin spice lattes, boots and sweaters. Now, when this happens, to refer to one of my articles from last year, don’t tell people they’re “basic bitches” for enjoying all of the good, cozy things about autumn. You’re not cool for thinking that pumpkin scented things are basic or lame. There’s a reason they’re popular. They’re genuinely desirable to a lot of people.

Maybe this is just an example of millennials being too sensitive, or maybe I’m just too sensitive myself. But, for a lot of people, having something they’re passionate about or love to escape to, like Harry Potter, Disney, pop music, country music, punk, indie, classic literature or young adult novels makes them feel better. They give people things to look forward to and enjoy. Have you ever been talking to someone about their interests, and they suddenly stop and say, “Sorry, I know I talk about this too much,” or “I know this is stupid, but I love it,” and they look embarrassed even though you didn’t say anything? That’s because they’ve experienced ridicule for being passionate about something. We all have the right to enjoy things and hopefully without the fear of someone judging us or telling us that the things we like are stupid or pointless.

Listen, you don’t have to like Taylor Swift. A lot of people don’t. But let me jam out to her music and admire her creativity in peace. Thank you.

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