Campus Movie Fest Getting Student Hands on Film


By Holly Vasic

Campus Movie Fest (CMF) travels to campuses around the globe to get students involved in making movies.

In 2001 a group of Emory University students founded CMF and now, 16 years later, it has blossomed into a weeklong movie making experience. The fest travels from college to college with top-notch technology and training to help students produce a five-minute movie within 7 days. An award ceremony finale for the best of the bunch is also included, giving filmmakers the opportunity to see their shorts on the silver screen.

One of the goals of CMF is to get equipment into the hands of student filmmakers allowing their creativity to flourish. The CMF website explains that it has “helped more than one million students around the world share their stories through film” and states it’s “the world’s largest student film festival.” Not only that but there is no charge for students to participate and make their story come to life on the big screen due to generous sponsors. Big names are involved such as Adobe, Tribeca Film Festival, Panasonic, and more.

Unfortunately, the University of Utah is not on their list this year but CMF wants opportunities to be available for as many students as possible. For the 2016-2017 season, for one of the online events, CMF teamed up with Seeker and formed a documentary film category. Seeker is a website that produces news articles and YouTube shows that focus on topics such as digital media and technology, Earth, health, and culture. Documentaries for this project were encouraged to be based in one of these categories. Students submitted their work online and the first prize was $10,000.

Currently, no online events are taking place but will be soon, according to the web page. In the meantime check out some original pieces of work from film students and keep checking back for online event updates. Visit

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