Parkin: Five Professor-Students Encounters


By Natalie Parkin

Professors are truly the best. Their jobs are demanding, time-consuming and overwhelming. These educated individuals help shape the future of our generation by teaching and guiding students into adulthood. We owe so much to these people.

What we as students sometimes forget, is that professors are just like us, human beings with personal lives and personalities. Each one is different and teach in different ways. It is entertaining to see how each professor will show their personality as the semester stretches on.

Students know that no two professors are the same. However, sometimes we tend to put them in “personality groups.” Let me show you what I mean.

  1. The Grinch

We all know it is a professor’s job to assign projects, readings and homework. It helps students gain practice and more of an understanding of the material.

However, this type of professor finds it hard to stop assigning material, especially over days off. This “Grinch” steals holidays with their assignments and packets. Breaks? Holidays? Special Events? What are those to this professor? When Fall break or Thanksgiving come around, homework does not get done by the students.

It’s called a “break” for a reason. Family events, vacations, friends and family take first priority during these times. This professor has a hard time understanding that their students have personal lives outside of college. No matter what the holiday it is or what event has occurred, homework is always assigned by this professor during those breaks. It is like they never let school leave us alone, even for just one day.

  1. The Comedian

This is secretly every student’s favorite professor because they always make us smile. All of their power points and lectures are filled with memes, jokes, vines or hilarious YouTube videos. You cannot go to their class and not laugh.

The Comedian understands that college is hard for both the students and the professor and they try to make the best of it. The class is entertaining in every single way because the professor jokes constantly to get the class off topic and laughter never leaves the room.

Homework is never difficult in this class because, due to how memorable each and every lecture is, one has a hard time forgetting the material. These professors are still young students at heart and they seem to relate to the students on a personal level.

  1. The Walking Dead

We’ve all had that professor that constantly shows videos, assigns readings during class and shows simple, boring power points that consume the entire hour and a half of class.

The Walking Dead professors hardly ever talk and, when they actually do, their voice is non-dynamic and monotone. It’s obvious that they don’t want to be there as much as the students. Sitting in that small college desk seems completely pointless because everything being shown in class can be easily watched and read at home. I often wonder if The Walking Dead professors either need another cup of coffee, a funny joke to get them to crack a smile, or a hug.

  1. The Jack in the Box

Picture this with me. It’s just another day in the classroom. Then suddenly, as class is excused for the day, the professor says, “Oh! Don’t forget about your six-page essay on chapter five due tomorrow.” The whole class freezes in place. Wait, what?

Sound familiar? This professor doesn’t understand how young adults minds work. Our capacity to hold information for a certain amount of time is small due to how much college demands and how much caffeine we consume.

As a result, reminders, alarms, planners and canvas notifications are our favorite thing. We love reminders and, frankly, need them. Not the day before though. Those are what we call “stress surprises” which are like an evil clown jumping out from a little toy box.

A note to professors, please take pity on college students lack of organization and our overloaded schedules. Give us a fair warning for an assignment. We will do it, trust us, but we need a reminder or two about the due date.

5. The Brutal Oprah

“You get an F and you get an F and you get an F!”

Cue late night meltdown. Forget Oprah giving out free cars. This professor gives F’s proudly.

Oh, how these professors hate us, or so it seems. Their red pen markings all over our tests seem to screams “Who cares if my work is too hard and the classes average is below a C. I will destroy you all.”

No matter how hard you try, no matter how much you read the textbook, no matter how much effort you put into trying to retain every single detail they say in the lecture, absolutely nothing helps your grade.

The Brutal Oprah is the hardest of graders, the cruelest test giver and loves to hear students moan at the sight of a pop quiz. Students always question their will to live in this professors classroom.

The Brutal Oprah certainly expects a lot from their class, and in some ways that’s a good thing. Every student needs a push to become better. But when every student’s quizzes and tests are below a B-, maybe some extra credit options would be wise to add to the curriculum.

We love our professors. They help each and every student become the best they can possibly become. Not all professors are the same but some of them certainly know how to leave a lasting impression. No matter if your professor is a Brutal Oprah or the Comedian, they all deserve our respect and admiration. So, to the professors everywhere, thank you for all you do. And to the students, keep chugging that coffee and stretching for good grades. The semester is almost over.

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