Finding Outlets to Maintain Sanity

By Alina Hansen


It is crucial for students to take steps to ensure they maintain a healthy lifestyle so they can succeed. A healthy lifestyle does not only include exercise and diet, but it includes taking care of yourself mentally and emotionally. Oftentimes, people find ways to balance their lives and maintain a center of focus. For students, finding balance can be difficult. Students can find themselves caving under pressure or living off minimal sleep due to stress, anxiety or lack of time. Under the right conditions, students find themselves in need of help whether they are dealing with stress, mental health issues or maintaining their physical well-being.

There are actions students can take to better maintain their mental well-being. Coloring is part of a school of therapy called art therapy. Full blown art therapy is between a therapist and their client, but coloring solo has been proven to reduce stress. Strangely, coloring mandalas has more soothing effects than just normal doodling. Yes, it can be hard to find time during the day to do something like sit down and color, some might even say it’s a waste of time, however, the benefits are scientifically proven and have been widely discussed. Maybe, you’ll really like it and if you do, Utah just opened its first art therapy studio this past October. Just head on down to Millcreek for an appointment at The Therapy Studio and then you can really see what coloring can do for you.

If you don’t have time to make an appointment, a popular hobby is using adult coloring books to help center the mind and reduce stress through the meditative practice of coloring in detail. There are a variety of themed coloring books available for purchase from multiple retailers. An adult coloring book can be a small step toward a creative, mindful habit through providing focus and attention to colors and space. If coloring is not appealing, other solutions include yoga, meditation and regular counseling.

Here are a few resources on campus available to students that provide help to maintain your mental health and physical well-being:

The Center for Student Wellness offers a variety of events such as HIV/STD testing, meetings held alongside the Student Health Advisory Committee concerning emotional and social wellness and bystander intervention training for students. These events focus on different aspects like social, financial, emotional, intellectual and spiritual stresses. Students can also choose to schedule an appointment with a counselor or therapist on the Mental Health page located on the Center for Student Wellness site. The Center for Student Wellness is located in the Eccles Student Life Center.

The University Counseling Center provides multiple resources for students including a Mindfulness Center which holds regular meditation sessions and workshops to educate students. Other workshops include Mindful Midterms: A Workshop for Stress & Anxiety Management and Feel Better Now: Learning how to Cope with Anxiety and Depression. Registration for workshops is required. There are also services for individual, group or couple counseling as well as psychiatric medication services. The University Counseling Centeris located in the Student Services Building in Room 426..

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