Simply Delectable Summer Drinks

Simply Delectable Summer Drinks

By Palak Jayswal, Arts Editor

With summer and warm weather fast approaching, it’s time to ditch the lattes and tea for something a little cooler. Arguably, one of the best parts of the summer season is all the different types of food and drink that come with it. Barbecues, slushies and snow cones are just some of the delectable options. Of all the available options, though, the best way to keep cool this summer is with icy cold drinks. There are hundreds and hundreds of recipes to give a classic drink a summer twist, but below are some of my favorites.

If you aren’t of age, it’s easy to make summer classics non-alcoholic. Non-alcoholic Sangria is something everyone should try. This one is made with passion fruit juice, sparkling water or ginger ale, fresh kiwi, orange, star fruit, lime and fresh cranberries. It’s refreshing and delicious. There are plenty of recipes for mocktails out there like these.

Lemonade is a classic drink year round, but it’s most delicious in the summer when the sun is beating down. There are many different types of lemonades out there now, and although you can never go wrong with the classic recipe, strawberry lemonade is also delicious. For just about any recipe you’ll need water, sugar, fresh strawberries and lemon juice (freshly squeezed is best). For an added boost of flavor, try adding fresh mint leaves as a garnish. Strawberry lemonade is something you can make and keep in your fridge the whole week so you always have a cold glass to relax with.

Summer is a great time to add fruit to any and every drink. It’s popular to add lemon, lime or orange wedges to a glass of ice-cold water, but other fruits have become integral parts of summer drinks like this raspberry hibiscus soda recipe. Its ingredients are simple: water, whole cane sugar, hibiscus tea (such as Celestial Seasonings Red Zinger Herbal Tea), seltzer water, fresh raspberries and mint leaves (optional). You can also use fruit to make different types of punch as well.

Slushies and snow cones alike are a staple of summer. It’s easy to go down to the local gas station and get one, but making it at home can be fun too. This super quick recipe makes it easier than ever. The ingredients are simple and customizable to your taste: fresh or frozen fruit of your choice, ice, water or coconut water, raw honey or stevia (optional), peppermint leaves, citrus rind and fresh grated ginger for an optional garnish.

Finally, for all the caffeine addicts, iced tea and coffee is the way to go. Recipes for these are up to what your heart desires and how you like your caffeine, but adding caramel or coconut milk can help give it a more summery taste.

With all of these fun drinks, you’ll be sure to beat the heat this summer with delectable drinks. The simpler the recipe, the better, but no matter what, these recipes will ensure you’ll have a simply refreshing summer vacation.

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