Fringilicious Fun

By Madge Slack

“Dance has always been something that’s made me feel the most alive and the most understood, so it keeps drawing me in,” said Cat Kamrath. She is the co-founder of Cat + Fish, a dance company at Fringe. Their upcoming piece is titled “Flicker,” and it explores how dancers move and work together. Kamrath comments “I wanted it to mirror how life often ‘flickers’ by with human contact and connection at its core.”

Kamrath and her friends started the company during her second year of grad school. After they all graduated, they stuck together and continued the company with Kamrath as the director. “Cat + Fish Dances originally started as a rehearsal joke and has turned into something we all deeply care about,” Kamrath describes. “Sometimes, I feel like a one-woman show as I handle and fund everything that is needed to make a show run, but then I’m in the studio with my dancers, who are also my close friends, and I feel so lucky to be following what feels like a dream.”

Dance and theater might seem like separate art forms, but for these performers, they blend seamlessly. Kamrath commented, “Dance and theater are like cousins, in my point of view, so I think they’re both about storytelling in different levels of abstraction and movement.”

Take some time out of your busy theater schedule and see a piece which is entirely movement-based storytelling. You might be surprised in how familiar it feels.

Tori Duhaime

With you

This is one of those complex friendship shows where everybody has a complicated relationship and the solutions to the issues always seem very simple. Check out a piece about love, change and friendship for a lovely evening of laughter and heart.

The Heart

This show is returning as a new and improved version after winning the Best One Person show at last year’s Fringe. As a series of true stories collected via interviews, this now two-man show promises to impress.

UNTWP Sampler

Looking for something a little more diverse? The Utah New Works Theater Project put together an appetizer of new plays by local playwrights. Both “Cassandra” and “The Booth” deal with love death and the in-between.

7 Faces

There isn’t a lot to say about this piece as it is so steeped in mystery. Masks explore space and character in a unique theater experience.

It’s a long story

This series of short plays explores those mundane uncomfortable moments we all find ourselves in. Come see five pieces featuring normal experiences from going up to someone’s apartment on the first date to getting stuck in an elevator together.

When I grow up

Growing up is hard, mostly because it’s never how we think it will be when we are children. This show explores the difference of childhood expectations to adult realties. Song, dance and spoken word come together to form a truly memorable show.

A Bestiary

Of the lineup, this show is going to be one of the more “out there” experiences. It looks at the way we have separated our experience from other animals and exhibits our simple desire to take a dog for a walk.

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