Def Leppard and Journey, an Iconic Return

By Muhammed Alabdullah

On Sept. 25, Rock ‘n’ Roll legends Def Leppard and Journey performed at the Vivint Smart Home Arena, home of the Utah Jazz. Downtown Salt lake City swarmed with eager fans and the stadium quickly grew packed with die hard concert goers.

Def Leppard and Journey fans ranged from preschoolers to senior citizens. A massive stage was constructed inside of the Vivint Arena, along with four large screens. Across the top, three screens displayed footage simultaneously while one giant one served as the background. The stage was open and large, extending out towards the crowd. The smoke filled arena was also laced with laser lights and confetti.

Families, couples, friends and strangers all roared as the first band appeared on stage. The iconic American band Journey came out to a wave of cheers and excitement. Journey has been rocking the USA since 1973 with popular hits like “Anyway You Want It,” “Don’t Stop Believing” and “Separate Ways.” Journey is most popular in the US, but they are still well known around the world. The band’s performance was electric. Neal Schon, lead guitarist, blew the crowd away as he shredded. He cycled through three different guitars during the show. Steve Smith, drums, shook the stadium with his solo, even leaving his own band members in awe. Finally, Arnel Pinda, lead vocalist, gave a performance identical to Steve Perry (former vocalist for Journey). Arnel Pinda was an absolute conductor on the stage. He managed to get everyone in the audience to raise their hands. 

After a short intermission, Def Leppard came on stage to deliver a memorable performance. Def Leppard is a British super-band. They began their rock career in 1977. Some of their most famous work includes hits like: “Hysteria,” “Rocket” and “Pour Some Sugar On Me.” Def Leppard was part of the British heavy metal movement, a style quickly embraced by American music listeners. While on stage, the superstar band rocked the crowd with every song. Their energy was intense throughout their whole performance.

“It’s been 35-years since we last performed in Utah,” said Joe Elliott, lead vocalist. This made their show even more treasurable for the adoring fans. Def Leppard’s lead guitarist Phil Collen delivered a lively performance on his guitar. The crowd went absolutely crazy. Rick Allen, drummer, made the whole stadium floor shake with his beats, while Rick Savage, guitarist, stood next to him head-banging like the Rock ‘n’ Roll legend he is.

Utah was ecstatic to see this collaboration between British and American rock stars in one place. Screaming fans danced all night and these music-lovers hardly sat down during the performance. The best part about the show was the amount of love that flowed between the audience and the band members. The concert was perfectly memorable.

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